You have the idea. We have the solution.

How we work

The start is important. Together we decide what to build and when. During the development process you can be sure that what’s built is the right thing for you through constant insight and feedback. After launch, when you require more, we will be happy to help you. We believe in longterm relationships.

What you will get

A working application from week one. Constantly developed on time according to your budget. You will get solid code that is easy to maintain and develop further. Built with reliable that high. We build your application the same way a tailor makes an exclusive suit: by hand with great care for every detail.

Get in touch with us.


Use the form to drop us a line. You can also send us a regular email or give us a call.

Phone: + 020.566.2345

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  • Азербайджан, г. Кусары.
  • + 994.66.500.0.500

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For using special positions

Special positions is: sticky_left, stickey_right, notice, tool_bottom. You can use them for any module type. And to use, please go to Module Manager config your module to your desired postion.

You can disable by:

  • Go to Administrator » Template Manager » Your_Template » Tab: Advanced » Use special positions » select: No for all special positions
  • Go to Administrator » Module magager » Your_Module(by postion: sticky_left/stickey_right/notice/tool_bottom) » Status: Unpublish for that module
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